YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards

YouTube is presenting profile cards, which show all remarks a client has left on a specific video.

Tapping on the profile image of a customer who left a remark will pull up their profile card with an outline of open data about that customer.

YouTube included some quick links to related settings beneath:

  • Name
  • Profile picture
  • Subscriber count
  • Recent comments/replies
  • Channel Subscriptions

YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards

Comments showed in a profile card are constrained to the video as of now being seen. YouTube expects this will add to an all the more inviting network, which is absolutely conceivable. As clients may mull over leaving negative remarks realizing they can be effectively found in the profile card.

Maybe significantly more telling than a client’s remark history is the thing that channels they subscribed, which will be on full showcase in their profile card. You can gain so much about somebody from the kinds of YouTube creators they subscribe to. So that may be worth searching into in case you value your security on YouTube.

Profile cards are rolling out to anyone at the YouTube android app over the next few days with plans to release on other gadgets inside the future.

YouTube Shows Users’ Comment History in New Profile Cards

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