Best Vegan Recipes – Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas You’ll Love

Are you a Vegan? Are you sick of being offered Non – Vegetarian food wherever you go? And certainly, you have to eat it as you don’t have a choice. Are you waiting for the world to be more considerable about vegetarian food items. Well, for one thing the wait is over now. Here are some of the most popular vegan foods to choose from:

1. Malai Kofta(Vegetable balls in a thick sauce):

As a matter of fact, it is an alternative for meatballs. Supremely delicious Malai Koftas are a perfect fit for special occasions. It is particularly creamy and flavorful. This is absolutely a pleasing dish for every vegan out there. To put it differently, this is quite a rock star on Indian vegan menu.

2. Palak Paneer(Spinach and Cottage Cheese):

To point out, I haven’t seen a person who doesn’t like Palak Paneer. It is a mildly flavored dish significantly popular in North India. Pan – fried cubes of Paneer with healthy Spinach are a thing to savor. For this reason, it satisfies your taste buds and is nutritious at the same time. It is chiefly renowned as one of the best vegetable recipes.

3. Rajma(Red Kidney Bean Curry):

Palatable and popular Rajma is surprisingly tasty. It is wholesome and amazingly easy to cook. Rajma served with onion, garlic and spices is tremendously mouth – watering. Also, Rajma is very healthy and has a rich nutrient profile. It is markedly known among healthy vegan recipes for weight loss.

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4. Mutter Paneer(Peas and Cottage Cheese):

To enumerate, it is one of the most popular dishes across India. It is flavorful, juicy, and truly scrumptious. Peas and solid Cottage Cheese cooked with traditional Indian spices are immensely delicious. By all means, it should be included in one of your vegan diets.

5. Kaali Daal(Black Lentils):

It is abundantly rich in every essential nutrient that your body requires. However, there is a catch. You need to plan ahead if you want to relish Kaali daal. It is so because Lentils need to be soaked overnight. Explicitly cooked with onion and green chilli, accompanied by Indian spices, Kaali – Dal is quite finger licking. Owing to its health enriching aspects it can be surely included in vegan recipes for kids.

6. Chole(Chickpea Curry):

It is a basic dish but brings a lot of flavor to dinner table. It is frequently consumed with bhaturas(fried Indian bread). Wholesome, appetizing, Chole are made with the aid of quintessential spices. In other words, Chole is amongst the best vegan recipes.

7. Stuffed Paratha:

It is flatbread stuffed with the stuffing of your choice. For instance, it could be potatoes, cauliflower, radish and so on and so forth. To emphasize, coriander, Cumin, Chilies and Ginger make it more flavorus. It is very tempting and delicious to eat. In fact, it can be eaten with or without any gravy item as per your suitability.

8. Hara Bhara Kabab(Vegetarian kabab):

This is such a luscious and delectable cuisine. It utilizes green veggies like spinach. It goes well both as a snack and as a part of meal too. Eating a Hara Bhara Kabab surely gives you a satisfying feeling. Not to mention it is one of the hearty vegan meals.

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