Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

To survive, we need to eat healthy food, not just food. If you must to keep your body and mind healthy foods are must for you:

There is no alternative to eating nutritious food to stay healthy. A list of nutritious food should be made for each day. We know that good food provides energy and keeps healthy well. However, not all foods contain the main ingredient in the diet, meaning that not all food can be equally efficient energy. But there are foods that are very beneficial to the body and not as useful as anything else. So we must need to eat good, beneficial and nutritious foods.

Importance of healthy eating:

The importance of healthy eating is immense. Healthy foods should be eaten daily to keep body fit well enough. Everyone wants to keep his/her health healthy. Because health is our asset. No matter whatever you do, you must be in good health. If not good, do not have the energy to work the mind will not be in a hurry. As a result, nothing can be done properly. They are many ways to keep good health, the most important of which is healthy eating. Everyone needs to eat healthy foods for a healthy and beautiful life. However, boys in particular need to eat more.

It’s important to keep in mind that list of foods in the daily diet should contain six ingredients. Such as sugar, affection, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Foods should be consumed where these ingredients are sufficiently present. As a result, the body health will be good. If you want to be healthy, keep your body healthy and fit, these 10 healthy foods are need must in your daily diet list.

Top 10 healthy foods:

1. Milk:


Cow milk is a very important beverage. It contributes to the body’s energy. But sadly there are still many people who don’t like to drink milk or don’t take regularly. Milk is one of the most nutritious foods we see. Milk has many benefits, which are essential and effective for people of any age. After lunch or in the afternoon, after eating one glass of cow milk, all the fatigue goes away in one instance.

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After lunch or in the afternoon drink a glass of milk all the fatigue goes away. It contains many nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, cholesterol and also many molecules. If there is no calcium in the body, you’ll easily become weak. It contains lot’s of calcium which helps to keep the body afloat and removes weakness.

The main benefits of milk :

  • Plays a huge role in the formation of muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation in addition to cleaning the stomach.
  • Helps to increase body energy.

2. Egg:

healthy food egg

Egg is always a popular food in Bangladesh as it’s available in sufficient quantity. But at present most of the people dislike eggs. But they don’t know the benefits of egg. A boiled egg has many nutrients, such as energy, sugar, affection, protein, vitamin A, thiamine (B1), carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many other active ingredients, which are very important keeping the body healthy.

It is essential for a young person to boiled egg on his/her daily diet list. There are many benefits to eating a full boiled egg every day. Eating boiled eggs reduces body weakness. And many types of diseases increase immunity and help tremendously to maintain good health.

The main benefits of eggs :

  • It helps to tighten bones and teeth and increase eye sighs.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • It plays a role in reducing muscle pain and preventing cancer.

3. Banana:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

One of the most interesting food is banana which is a popular fruit for world wide. Banana is available in all over the country of all the district for 12 months, and it is a short meal, making it possible for everyone to eat two bananas per day. A ripe banana is full of nutrition. Every 100 grams of ripe banana contains water, sodium, mineral salts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and small quantity of vitamin B-complex. It helps to refresh any human’s mind and to provide strength to the body.

Banana also contributes the most of the diet to keep the skin healthy, beautiful, smooth and attractive. It is very beneficial for health.

The major benefits of banana:

  • Keeps the heart and kidney healthy.
  • Helps to reduce stress and keep the mind fresh.
  • It helps food digestion and cleanses the stomach.

4. Carrots:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Carrot is one of the most nutritious vegetables. Carrots are called super food. Especially the best vegetables to get rid of all the common diseases of winter. The foods which are very suitable for maintaining good physical health. We all know carrot is a healthy food. It is crunchy, testy and highly nutritious. Carrot is a particularly good source of beta carotene, fiber, vitamin k1, potassium and antioxidants. Many people regularly eat carrots.

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The main benefits of carrots:

  • It increases immunity power in the body.
  • Protects against skin spots and helps to brighten skin.
  • It increases cancer resistance power.

5. Apple:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Apple is one of the best 10 healthiest foods. Apples are known as a delicious and attractive fruit throughout the world. Apples are rich source of polyphenols while nutrition labels. Don’t list these plants compounds. Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Apples promote heart health in several ways. They are high in soluble fiber. Apple contains the vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6. In one study, people who ate apple slices before a meal felt fuller than those who consumed applesauce, apple juice or no apple products.

Benefits of Apple:

  • Eating Apple is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • The type of fiber in apple feeds good bacteria and may be the reason they protect against obesity, heart disease.
  • It have several naturally occurring compounds that may help fight against cancer.

6. Guava:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Guava is a popular and delicious fruit among indigenous fruits. Guava is cultivated everywhere in Bangladesh. Almost every one likes to eat guacamole. Because it’s an interesting food, it also contains vitamin A and C including calcium, protein and also food particles. But even then we don’t eat it regularly. Every one should keep guava in the daily food list. It’s cheap and available everywhere, so that we can easily to buy and eat.

The main benefits of guava:

  • It helps to lose weight.
  • Plays an important role in enhancing the eyesight.
  • It plays an active role in the prevention of diabetes and cancer.

7. Date Palm:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Date Palm is one of the 10 most healthy foods, delicious, healthy and tasty fruit. Which has many benefits and needs. You can eat ¾ date palm every morning or night for good result. Which plays vital role in keeping the body healthy. It contains the amount of vitamins, fibre, calcium and many other nutrients. We should eat regularly for that. It’s always available in anywhere. Every 200 grams of clean fresh and good quality dates has plenty of vitamin C, from which 460 calories of energy is available.

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The main benefits of date palm:

  • It helps to keep the skin healthy and enhance the eyesight.
  • Helps to increase body strength and remove weaknesses.
  • It helps your digestive system very well.

8. Nuts:

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Nuts are always available at almost any road, bus, train or park. Many of us eat nuts but not everyone immense in terms of healthy and physical benefits. Nuts contain a lot of protein, fibre, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and many types of vitamin.

Benefits of nuts:

  • Prevents disease and increases body strength.
  • Helps to enhance the brightness of skin and the beauty of the hair.
  • Prevents cancer and keeps the hearts healthy and refreshed.

9. Tomato :

Top 10 Healthy Foods That Everyone Should Eat Regularly

Tomatoes have many wonderful benefits. We eat rice regularly and its one of them good and interesting food is tomato. Tomato is a popular vegetable that is also known as eggplant in Bangladesh market. It has a lot of flavour and nutrients. It can be eaten both row and cooked. Most of people like to eat salad made with tomatoes. It’s very benefited for everyone.

The main benefits of tomato :

  • Prevents various diseases and enhance taste of eating.
  • It Prevents kidney stones and keeps the stomach clean.
  • Helps to keep the skin healthy and keep the bones very strong.

10. Fish:

High Protein Foods

Fish is the most popular food in Bengal. However, there are still many people who don’t like to eat fish. Besides the benefits of fish, there are some harmful aspects, but not all fish. Sea fish have omega-3 fatty acids so sea fish should be eaten less. There are some fish, lots of protein, minerals, oil, iron, phosphorus and vitamins. About 20 percent of the non-veg is found in fish. Small fish is very important, because small fish have a lots of calcium and many types of vitamins.

The main benefits of fish:

  • It helps to prevent strokes.
  • Increases digestion power and increases memory power.
  • It plays a important role in the prevention of various diseases. Besides, there are many healthy foods, also eaten them alternatively.


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