Ten Things to do Before You Die

All of us are going to die one day. This indeed is the harsh reality of life. Therefore, we try to thoroughly live our lives until we are alive. Everyone mpossesses a life list. To emphasize, this includes a list of things to do in a lifetime before one dies. Here are the top ten amazing things to do in a lifetime:

1. Adventure sport:

Adventure sport is at the top of my bucket list before I die. For instance, sky diving, deep – sea diving, antalya bayan escort paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. highly interests me. It comes under crazy things to do in many people’s lives.

2. Make a pilgrimage:

It’s important that you witness the presence of almighty. I did the same by making a pilgrimage. It opens yourself to your soul. Consequently, pilgrimage is definitely present on my before I die list.

3. Write a book:

Writing a book is one of the must do things before you die. We collect a lot of experience, memories, antalya escort emotions, etc. throughout our lives. Enlisting those thoughts for the word to witness is one of the best experiences in life.

 Ten Things to do Before You Die

4. Unplanned trip:

Not to mention, but unplanned trips are the best ones. It is indeed, one of the best experiences in life. You witness many new avenues of life upon embarking on such a journey.

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5. Live in solicitude:

You know your true self only when you spend time in solicitude. It is markedly present in my list of things to do before I die.

6. Donate Blood:

It is quite noble to donate blood. Also, it helps purify your own blood. Additionally, it improves blood circulation. Furthermore, it makes you a responsible and worthy citizen. It definitely counts on the to-do list in life.

 Ten Things to do Before You Die

7. Visit Orphanage:

You really know how much you already possess to be happy about visiting an Orphanage. It surely comes under awesome things to do before you die.

8. Start your own business:

Be your own boss. Start a business. It’s a great experience to have. Moreover, it tops the list of exciting things to do before you die.

9. Travel the world:

Travelling teaches you numerous things about life. As a matter of fact, these things must be learned. Traveling the world comes under the list of adventurous things to do in life.

Travelling the world

10. Drive your favorite car:

Drive your dream car as fast as you can. This might sound to be crazy stuff to do. But you will be extremely happy after doing this. For this reason, it should be certainly included in your bucket list.



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