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TajMahal is one of the most adventurous and historical place in India. We all love to travel too much. Someone loves to go to the sea, someone in the mountains. Someone would like to go out of the country and many people also love to see historical places. There are many historical places in India where we go round. Historical places that just not look for it. From these places, we can learn and knows much old information. One such historical scene is the TajMahal of Agra in India.

Taj mahal

There are many things to say about the TajMahal. Because its beautiful beauty attracts everyone as well its history also tells people a lot. Not only the people of India can go to see it. People from different places in the world came to visit the TajMahal. Now is the time of the internet. When peoples see pictures on the internet. They would like to see the view of it more. When you go there you can see many people come to see the TajMahal from a different country. The beauty and artistry of TajMahal everything pulls people out.

India is the land of heritage, land of history, land of beauty and the land of culture. TajMahal of Agra is a special historical place in India.

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History of TajMahal

It is known as a Dream In Marble of all over the world. It was built by Shah Jahan, the famous Mughal emperor in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The construction is started in the year 1631. It took approximately 22 years to build what we see today. The monument was built entirely out of white marble and In 1653, the Taj Mahal was completed.

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Structure of TajMahal

    1. It’s 22′ high and 313′ square each tower is 133 feet tall building is 186 feet high and 70 wide.
    2. Corner minarets are 137′ tall. Main structure 186’on aside, dome to 187.
    3. The mausoleum is 57m (190 ft)square in plan.
    4. The four graceful.
    5. slender minarets are 162.5 feet each.
    6. Its central dome is fifty-eight feet in diameter and rises to a height of 213 feet.

Beauty of Taj Mahal

Beauty of TajMahal

Located just outside the city of Agra in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The TajMahal is among the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world. TajMahal is a white building made of white marble. The paths made of marble slabs.

The Taj built on a high terrace made of marble. If we climb a few steps, therefore, we can see the big terrace in the center of which stands the Taj. There are four high towers at the four corners. There are verses from Quaran written in black mosaic at the three sides of the gate. It is really a great work of art. The beauty of TajMahal surprises the people.

Do you know

Inspired by the TajMahal Dubai is planning to build a hotel and shopping complex. And it’s estimated to be four times larger than the original structure.

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Taj Mahal at Night

It is said that thousand of the love of Shahjahan for his queen. It is really a great work of art and India is proud of it. People come in from all countries to see this wonder of the wonders. TajMahal is an example of how deeply a man loved his wife. Even after she remained but memory would never fade away.

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