Self Discipline – The Key to success

By and Large, a majority of people abstain from doing the things they should do in order to make their dreams come true. The Marines have a saying “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”. The center of bringing any dream into fruition is Self – Discipline.

What is Self – Discipline?

O the whole, self – Discipline refers to choosing the actions that are in your own best interest every time you’re confronted to a choice. Discipline has gotten a bad name. In fact, we think about it in terms of punishment. It’s most certainly not that. Perhaps, discipline is enabling you to forego immediate pleasure for the exchange of long – term self – respect.

Self – Discipline is Self – love

Precisely, Self – Discipline is Self – Love. If you want to be happy, you have to love yourself. In fact, disciplining your behavior leads you to the road of sustained happiness. To emphasize, the moment you stop giving a shit about what people think about you, you become your happiest self. And particularly, self – Discipline helps you understand this.

Self – Discipline: The root of all good qualities

To enumerate, discipline is working out every day. It is making you stronger, faster, more flexible and healthier every day. Discipline is eating the right foods to fuel your system. It’s about having the discipline to control your emotions in order to make good decisions. It’s about controlling your ego so that your ego doesn’t control you. For instance, it’s about treating people the way you would want to be treated.

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Self – Discipline: The center of all success

It’s quite important to realize that winning a war against the world begins with winning the war against your mind. You can certainly achieve everything you wish for if you are disciplined enough. What a mind can conceive and heart can believe, can be achieved given that you are sufficiently disciplined. It is rightly said that you have to make yourself capable enough in order to receive what you are asking for. To put it another way, the fuel needed to attain any kind of success is Self – Discipline.

Self – Discipline gets things done

The one thing that discipline definitely does help you with is that it helps you get things done. It takes discipline to face your fears so you can conquer them. By all means, discipline is taking the hard road to do what’s right for you and for other people.

Discipline prevents us to give in to the desire and the short term gratification. The discipline calls for strength, fortitude, and will. Especially, it doesn’t let us accept weakness. It doesn’t let us tolerate another breakdown.



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