Kabir Singh Movie – Review

Kabir Singh, releasing on 21st of June this year is being significantly awaited owing to its thrilling trailer. Star cast includes Shahid Kapoor in lead role with Kiara Advani. As an illustration here’s a glimpse about how it might turn out to be.


Kabir Singh, an M.B.B.S. student falls in love with one junior Preeti. Kabir is an angry rebel while Preeti is the complete opposite of Kabir. The trouble begins when college gets over and they are subjected to the outer world. In this world, caste, societal parameters coupled with families question their love. As a result, they don’t end up being together.

Consequently, Kabir goes crazy as the love of his life leaves him. Forthwith, Kabir becomes alcoholic and resorts to every kind of drug to forget Preeti. As the story progresses, Kabir struggles to win Preeti back. All things considered, somehow things fall in place and the story concludes with a happy ending.


Kabir Singh closely resembles a South movie called Arjun Reddy. However, director Sandeep has succeeded in making an original film without losing the inherent beauty of Arjun Reddy. Notable, Sahid Kapoor has completely done absolute justice with the role. Markedly, he has been able to make Kabir Singh’s persona reach to the public’s heart.

To clarify, it’s not that similar to Arjun Reddy and therefore is almost a fresh performance. What people have loved in Arjun Reddy, in particular, has been chiefly tried and recreated in Kabir Singh.


As the title of the film explicitly suggests, the plot of the story revolves around “Kabir Singh”. Kabir is a heartbroken man indulging himself in crazy activities. But this crazy personality of Kabir is what will intrigue the audience most. The story is absolutely character driven as it is telling you about Kabir’s heart and emotion throughout the plot. To enumerate, it won’t be wrong to mention that this is a dark genre film owing to its gloomy and melancholy setting. But then Kabir and Preeti’s love story and their struggle to keep their love alive add colors to the movie.

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