How to make money from Admob?

You must have used smartphones. Lots of apps installed from Google Play Store You may have seen Ads in. As soon as you see these ads, the question will arise in your mind that how and why do these ads appear?. Can you also make money by showing ads like this?, After all, which company’s ads are these and why these companies show us ads? .

There are a lot of questions you might want to know the answers to. The simple answer is Google AdMob when it comes to which company these ads belong to. Google AdMob is a Google product that shows ads with apps from the Android and iOS platforms.

AdMob is one of the methods mobile app owners have recently used to make money. AdMob enables you to make money online by displaying Ads in an App. The more attractive the ad you create using AdMob, the more revenue you can earn.

Today in this article we will explain how to make money with Admob. You can make money by doing In App Advertising. Admob lets you create your own app and earn money by displaying ads in it. So lets go for it to know what Admob is and how to make money from it.

What is AdMob?

AdMob is a performance-based marketing product developed by Google, and it helps you earn revenue by publishing banners and video ads.

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The AdMob platform provides an opportunity to earn additional income for people through mobile apps in Android and iOS app stores.

Also, because these advertisements are responsive, their size can be automatically set according to the screen sizes of mobile devices.

How to make money from admob 2020


To make money from Admob, you have to follow the process given below. You can earn from Admob by following these methods:

1. If you want to earn money from Admob , you must first have an Admob account. A common man must have an Abmob account.

2. You should have your own Android App, you can have Android App Developed by App Developer, or if you have Knowledge of App Development then you can have App Developed. You can easily earn money by going to Admob Account in this App and Ads Unit Create automatically by adding that Ads Unit and uploading it in App Play Store.

3. Whenever a person downloads your app from the Play Store, the ads placed through you will be shown, when someone clicks on that ads, you will get income.

4. The more you win your App Downloads, the more people will use your App, the more you can earn with Admob.

5. You must create an account by paying $25 to upload your app to the Google Play Store. Your App will then be uploaded to the Play Store.

6. If your app becomes popular, you can easily earn money by buying and selling the app.

How to make Ad $10 to $20 every day with Google Admob?

First you need to have your AdSense Account Approved , then you can earn Admob through Adsense. For this you can first create a free Android Apps. Here are some websites where Android Apps can be easily created.

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Free Websites for App Development

Let’s take a look at some of the Free Websites that you can use to develop an App.


There are some websites mentioned above from which you can develop Free App. Follow the steps below to earn from the apps created by them.

1. You have to create Android Apps first and then register your Apps for Google $25 in the Google Play Store.

2. Create an App Admob publisher account when Android Apps will be downloaded by 1000 users.

3. Your Google Admob will then be easily Approved. After getting Google Admob Approval, create Admob Ads, then edit your Android Apps Coding in Last.

4. Now when someone clicks on the Ads displayed by User Admob , your Earning will start.

5. Admob Ads 150kb of File size. This is the most important. Ads Size is 320 × 50, 468 × 60, 320 × 480. Because Admob’s CPC is very high. Admob’s CPC ranges from 0.05 to 0.16, which will increase your earning.

Make money from admob

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