Google’s John Mueller on Optimizing Images for Search Results

In the most recent portion of the Ask Google Webmasters video arrangement, John Mueller goes over a progression of tips on upgrading pictures for search items.

Before going over the technical information of image optimization, Mueller asks site owners to take a step returned and look at the bigger picture. Don’t optimize photos only for the sake of optimizing them.

Mueller suggests beginning with a plan. Don’t forget the way you want to be found in photograph search consequences and the varieties of queries people would possibly use for you to discover you that way.

As soon as you’ve got that nailed down, consider how your web page may be beneficial to those who discover it after attempting to find your images. After planning how you’re going to optimize photos for searchers, you can move onto enhancing for the web crawler itself.

Technical concerns

On the subject of technical optimization of images, Mueller lists these as the most important information:

  • High quality images
  • Relevant and visible placement
  • Captions
  • Descriptive page titles and alt text
  • Descriptive file names
  • Loading speed

See the entire video with Google’s John Mueller here:

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