West Bengal is Safe From FANI Cylone- 2019

West Bengal is not near the way that Odisha has seen. The state has less impact than what was feared. Without a part of two Midnapore, South 24 Parganas (Bakkhali, Namaha, Diamond Harbor). There was not much damage. So far, the information has broken 12 of the raw houses and 825 homes partially damaged. It is Safe from FANI Cyclone.

But how could this danger be avoided? Was it the result of the administration’s preparation or lost the power of the FANI?

Actually, because of the experience of Ayla 10 years ago, there was administrative activity. Residents from Cyclonic zone of Midnapore, South 24 Parganas took refuge from Cyclone Center on Friday morning. One of the reasons for the loss of losses is of course. Losing the energy of the latch is also a major reason. The weatherman informs us that there was no mistake as the force with which it was feared to be scattered in this state. Chess cyclonic storm or a powerful cyclone, on Friday night at 12 o’clock in the state of Odisha, the FANI entered the kingdom.

Around 90 kilometers per hour, the FANI was launched as a powerful cyclonic storm on the chest of Kharagpur. After that, passing through Calcutta, Arambagh entered Hughli and entered Nadia by the Katwa of Bardhaman. But as soon as it moves towards the ground. The FANI starts to lose power fast. Meteorologists did not expect that the power of the power to lose so fast.

Weather Report:

According to the Meteorological Department, the pot is forced to enter a cyclonic storm or cyclone.  In Bangladesh after losing power after a powerful cyclone hurts the whole state. But as a result of the rapid exposure of power, the queen becomes only a cyclone from a strong cyclone. Quickly began to lose more power. Observing the speed of the clogs. The weatherman said that this cyclone will enter Bangladesh only on Saturday(4th May 2019) noon after becoming deep depression.

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As a result of which the general people were afraid of the general population, their shock was much less. Being a deep depression will not cause a storm in Bangladesh. It will be heavy rain. Heavy rainfall is also expected in the districts of the state of Bangladesh.

Sanjeev Bandyopadhyay, Eastern Regional Officer of the Central Alipore Meteorological Department. He said “The FANI leaves go towards Nadia district 60 kilometers north of Calcutta. Very quickly becomes deep depression. As a result, the speed of the wind was estimated to be less than 10-20 kilometers. “



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