Our generation saw the first world-epidemic! Today, Covid-19 was declared a WHO pandemic. This is a time of great concern: without a doubt It is clear that the Indian government is not taking any risks. Surely the most advanced countries like China or Japan understand what has happened to it! Australian researchers say that about one million people will die if India is attacked! It is our responsibility to prevent this situation It’s only a matter of months, a little caution, such as:

  1. Giving up some self-interest, such as movies, shopping malls, not attending the gathering.
  2. Avoid cold water or ice cream in the fridge, sleep without AC.
  3. Wash hands frequently with disinfectant soap, wash feet when leaving the house, change clothes, gurgle once in the night to keep the airways from getting infected.
  4. Be careful when you have children, old, sick, diabetic patients at home because they have no immune system.
  5. If you are studying at home, go directly to the head of the school or college concerned and ask what steps have been taken to prevent the coronary virus in that institution, so that if the head of the institution is asleep, he will wake you up in this small step.
  6. Alert everyone to convene a quick meeting with parents, so that a whole area will survive. Call even those who are not contacted, think of this as a service to the country You don’t have to spend extra money or time to do these little things, but sincerely doing it will be good for the society, the country, the world, like being a “doom freeze”. Let us show that the richest countries of the world could not do it, this country with our illiterate, ignorant, unconscious billions of people! And if you do that, my country will live, our state will live, our loved ones will live, I will save you too.
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