Effective Ways to Build a Good Vocabulary

In reality, every spoken language is composed of words. Words are extremely captivating but the point often overlooked, they can be difficult to manage. Especially if words are of a foreign language you are trying to learn. Most language learners, in fact, find it significantly difficult to learn and remember words. Not to mention, these words are necessary to be competent and confident in a foreign language. Here are some of the methods to enhance your vocabulary:

Always Learn from Context

To enumerate, words are multifaceted linguistic entities. What words express is largely determined by its context. Further, they have completely different meanings or just be part of a colloquial expression.

The role of context in narrowing down the potential meanings of a word is surprisingly crucial. It is what makes context absolutely important for language learners. Words can mean nothing and everything at the same time without context. Therefore, words should never be learned outside context. In fact, it is regarded as one of the top methods of building vocabulary skills.


Read, read and read

The most effective way to keep improving vocabulary skills often is to read and to do so often. Also, you can record them for safekeeping and later reference during study time.
Reading is of two types namely extensive and intensive. Intensive reading refers to reading by understanding. On the contrary, extensive reading refers to reading as much as we can. Learning new words every day helps a great deal in building effective vocabulary.

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The Source of Learning New Words Should be Comprehensible

As we’ve just discussed, reading is an excellent way to find new words to learn in your target language. However, take care to choose the right kind of reading material for you. This way you reduce the risk of adding extra stress to your entire language learning process. To put it differently, this includes learning words to improve your vocabulary.

 Effective Ways to Build a Good Vocabulary

Learn What Matters Most to You

You should chiefly aim for learning those words which are relevant to you. If you follow this you will surely improve your vocabulary to a huge extent.

Listen to What You Read, and Vice Versa

If we get to listen to what we have read, we are able to get maximal value out of any piece of language. This method certainly helps a great deal to increase your vocabulary. Learn new words by this technique and you shall never forget your learned words.

 Effective Ways to Build a Good Vocabulary



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